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Virtual Evolution Official Code of Conduct

Virtual Evolution Code of Conduct
1. Leaking / Ripping / Stealing / Unauthorized use of Code/Sources
  • You are not allowed to leak or share the programs you have purchased.
  • You are allowed to sell sources/codes and scripts under certain conditions.
2. Posting
  • No posting/shouts about competing software.
  • No posting/shouts about pornographic material.
  • No posting/shouts about competing sites.
  • No advertising services that are not approved on the forum. This includes posts / signatures / forum name.
  • Feel free to ask one of our moderators if you have any questions: Moderation Team
  • You're not allowed to nominate new Staff members (Administrators, Coders, Super Moderators, Tech, Moderators, Spammers, and GFX)
  • Do not post gore/death/disgusting media, unless it's in an General Discussion thread. Even if it is in such a thread, we reserve the right to it at our own discretion.
  • No begging / hunting for rep. Your posts will be removed if you do this.
  • No asking for boosting. We do not allow new boosters on this website.
  • No new threads regarding Anti-Cheat or Banwaves are allowed, Unless in our Ban Reports Area.
  • No donations in posts, must be in a signature with a spoiler.
  • All rules in this section(posting) works for the shout box too.
  • Do not type or post topic titles in all CAPS. Typing in all caps is considered yelling, so please void posting in all caps regardless if it is in a thread title or not. Posts with this content will be modified and/or removed.
3. Spamming
  • Spamming is characterized by posting questions that have been answered over and over again. (i.e: Hack's not working! Please update!)
  • Spamming is characterized by posting useless things that don't belong to the thread.
  • Spamming is characterized by posting threads in the wrong sub forum.
  • Exceptions in the off-topic area.
4. Insulting
  • Don't insult other people in the shout box/forums/profile.
  • Don't down talk to staff when they tell you to do something.
  • We don't Expose anyone Regard less of the game this can result to suspension of Hack Privledges.
5. Signature / Avatar / Pictures
  • Don't abuse anyone with your signature/avatar or pictures.
  • Try to keep your signature as short as possible.
6. Respect the authority of Moderators and Administrators.
  • Don't complain about Administrators, Coders, Super Moderators, Tech, Moderators, Spammers, and GFX in the shout box or forums.
  • If you have questions for what reason your thread/post was closed/moved/deleted feel free to contact a moderator: Moderation Team
  • No ban request. Do not make a new account and request why you were banned from the shout box, forums etc. Instead Use our Ban Appeals Section.
7. Sale Threads (boosting, Refferals,..)
  • sales threads are to be published on the forum Unless its in the marketplace and has been Approved.
  • Sales threads may only be in the User's Marketplace.
8. Shout box
  • Don't ask for updates,
  • Virtual Evolution is an international community, keep your shouts english.
  • Don't witch hunt.
  • Don't post pictures or videos directly use the spoiler.
  • Trolling/Scaring people about VAC and the hack's status or its future will get you instant banned.
  • You're not allowed to request HWID request in the shoutbox.Make a HWID Request Thread.
9. Punishment
  • Punishment varies on the degree of severity of the rule you have broken
  • Punishment can range from verbal warning to permanent ban
  • Punishment levels: verbal warning, written warning, post privileges removed, status removed, permabanned)
·         You cannot say or do something that is offensive towards other members of Virtual Evolution. This also includes discriminating a member in any way possible (e.g: gender, race, religion, sexual preference...)
·         At Virtual Evolution we show our mutual respect. Posting any personal information of a member with or without their permission, is not tolerated. If they would like to share something personal, they're free to do it themselves.
·         Remember that (threatening to) DDos' ing any member of the Forum or another community, will result in a ban.
11.Uploading files
·         Uploading any files of all kind with viruses, rats or any other malicious content will result in an immediate ban.
·         All uploads must include a virus scan.
·         There is no link to be posted on the forum or shout box to another website, hack or community. Doing so may lead to a ban.
13.Forum account
·         You may only have one Forum account, making multiple forum accounts will get either all but one banned or all of them.
·         Sharing your forum account is not tolerated either. This will lead to an immediate ban of the account.
·         If you're on a proxy/VPN and your IP is linked to a banned forum account, your account will also get banned. For your own safety, please use your own, home IP address.
·         Attempting to sell your forum account on the forum or outside of it, will result in an immediate ban of the account.
·         Whenever you break the rules, e.g: you advertised and got yourself banned, Virtual Evolution is not liable for a refund of any purchases you may have made.
·         Support is to be asked by making a thread in the according section. Do not ask for any support in the shout box or by PM' ing a Staff member.
·         Team viewing other members is strictly forbidden as only tech support and above may Unless overridden by an administrator approval.
·         Posting on an old thread is not tolerated without proper reason. An infraction may be given out when someone posts on a thread which hasn't been posted on for 2 weeks.
·         If you post any content which isn't yours but claim to be, will get you an infraction right of the bat. It is a federal offense and is not to be done in any sort of way here at Virtual Evolution.
19.Thread Creation
·         When making a thread is to be asked by to follow the enforced format/rules the according section. Everyone is expected to follow these rules and format
·         If you're caught trying to scam someone you will be immediately banned once the investigation has been completed, your ban may be lifted. You MUST follow our Format when selling/ Buying an Account. Attempting to sell your forum account on the forum or outside of it, will result in an immediate ban of the account. We Recommend a Middle man However, it is not Required unless requested by either party involved in the transaction.

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