Let me introduce you to our service rules which apply to all of the services we offer.

You agree to all of the following rules on forum signup and confirm that you fully understand and to follow them. If your englando-skills aren't good enough to understand them, you may get someone that translates them for you. We are not responsible if you are not able to understand certain points in this list. Also, all warnings, infractions and bans are final with absolutely no way to appeal.
We may update our rules as we please and at any time.

  • We have certain sections for certain topics. Keep your topic in place and post it in the right section.
  • Disrespecting, Doxxing, sharing private information of our community members will get your account permanently banned.
  • We do not like threads titled with full capslock. This won't get you any more attention.
  • Pornographic material of any type is strictly forbidden on our entire forums.
  • Flaming in posts, private messages sent to our staff team and in the shoutbox is not allowed.
  • Bumping (aka. Gravedigging) threads (usually older one month) for no reason will get your account flagged.
  • Spamming the forums with trash (including double-posts) to increase post count and such is not allowed and will get your account flagged.
  • Advertising services of other cheat providers on any of our services is strictly forbidden and leads to a permanent ban.
  • Linking to other cheat providers in form of URL, images, sound and such is forbidden and leads to a permanent ban. We have set our system to blacklist certain URLs.
  • Abusing the report system (including false-positive, report-spamming and such) for whatever reason is forbidden and may get your account flagged.
  • Selling game accounts must always include a middle-man. All users offering a middle-man service can be found in the account section.
  • Always give credit if using other's work. Not doing so will get your account flagged.
  • Posting in applications of other users is not allowed.
  • We do not allow any kind of VPN or proxy on our forums. The system may flag your account.
  • Sharing stolen account information of any kind of service (ex. NordVPN, Netflix and such) is prohibited and will get your account banned instantly.
  • All support questions belong in the support section.
Account and Profile
  • Asking for a free subscription to our products, a staff position or the veteran usergroup is not allowed.
  • Only one account per user. Multiple accounts are only allowed for multiple people in a house hold.
  • Do not evade your ban. You will be banned permanently on all accounts.
  • Selling or/and sharing your forum account will get your account locked or permanently banned.
  • Keep your signature as short as possible. Do not include useless spacing and such.
  • We run a 'No-Refund'-Policy (1). All purchases of any of our products at any time, are final.
  • Cheat features may be missing or get removed at any time, depending on the game updates and how risky and time-consuming the cheat update process is.
  • If a cheat had a downtime of at least 48 hours, you may be compensated right after the cheat has been updated to the latest game version.
  • There is no ETA given at any time when one of our cheats is outdated. Asking for an ETA will get your account flagged and may lead to a permanent ban.
  • We are not responsible for your game account. If you got banned in a game we offer cheats for, it is not our fault. Use at your own risk.
  • We do not transfer purchased subscriptions of a product to another product.
  • We do not pause or change information of purchased subscription on customer's request.
  • Sharing our products, its files and/or internal information leads to a permanent ban.
  • Attempting to crack, leak and/or sharing source code of our product is strictly forbidden.
Hardware Identifier
  • Our products come with a 'hwid'-mechanism. Meaning that the product you purchases is only usable on one computer.
  • In the case you're using a new computer, reinstalled OS or modified specific system information, you want to request a hwid-reset. This can be done either on the forums by posting in here [https://virtualevolution.net/forumdisplay.php?fid=94] or on our discord. Do not ask for a hwid-reset via private message, the shoutbox or by direct messaging the staff team on discord.
  • Flushing your HWID has a limited amount of uses. We count the resets of every customer. If a specific limit is exceeded, we may investigate the case and deny the reset.
Files, Uploads and Downloads
  • Uploading, sharing or/and posting torrents, viruses, RATs and so on is forbidden and leads to a permanent ban.
  • All files that you upload must include a full virus scan and must be uploaded as an attachment (external links to file-hosts and external direct download links are prohibited).
  • We give support in our support section and our discord server only. Seeking for support in the shoutbox or via private message won't get your issue solved and you may receive a warning for doing so.
  • When asking for support, be precise and on-point. Give us as many details as possible, including general information about the system you're running on and it's hardware.
  • The only staff members eligible to ask for your TeamViewer info are Tech Support, Super Moderators and Administrators - the usergroup 'Moderators' may not be eligible to assist your via TeamViewer.

1) No-Refund Policy explained:
Once charged to your credit card (PayPal) or other payment methods, the payments for the digital goods are non-refundable and final. 
Any charge-backs or disputes from the purchaser’s credit card (PayPal) will result in your account being instantly disabled, permanently terminated and/or legal action will be taken.

A personal message: 
Ninja66 Wrote:Never before have I seen so much "refund me, hack no work" shit in our PayPal resolution centre. I have won them all simply because our products are not packages. they are not real-life items. 
moreover, customers are buying subscriptions that have access to the products, not the cheats themselves! This is completely stupid! 
90% of those Paypal disputes, 80% of those people did not download the loaders requirements which can be found here [http://www.virtualevolution.net/showthre...7&pid=1983]. The other 20% remained banned.

Most customers that have opened a dispute never attempted to create a support thread. 
Never have I done technical support in PayPal. I will never do that again.

Because of this, there is a system in place that has been working well. It is simple ...
If you attempt to refund/chargeback/dispute, the system will immediately remove the vip off the subscription and the money paid will be labelled as a donation. This serves as punishment and the account that is linked to it will be permanently banned! This is done because this is ridiculous! 
Yes, this is mean and strict, but remember that we work hard supporting our products and our coder, Dias, works even harder to keep out products updated and undetected.

Thank you for my rant

Last update: August 19th 2020 by zack
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