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Help us out and give us a suggestion of a new hack for a new game!

@Fenix is back, but he's a potato atm. Basically, what game (has to be First Person Shooting/preferably free to play) would you like to have hacks on?
[Image: oJgZ6uz.gif]
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[Image: sHRLwKQ.gif]
[Image: oJgZ6uz.gif]

I've recently played to Line of Sight, it's a nice game expect for "Superpowers", they sucks, and had a good player base so we may get some new subscribers.

EDIT: Or another new game going to be popular, Ghost in the shell: First Assault, another Nexon game.
Planetside 2
I prefer Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault Online or Line of Sight
CS:GO but better be a public version. XD
We're not going to do csgo....
[Image: oJgZ6uz.gif]
Click for discord!
[Image: sHRLwKQ.gif]
[Image: oJgZ6uz.gif]


for real i dont mind paying more but the suggestion list on CF never have any improvements, anyways CSGO
I think Rainbow Six Siege would be a good call, I would definitely purchase the hacks, and I'm sure lots of other people would find your site looking for them as well.

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