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This website has got to be the BEST site EVER that has undetectable hacks to be honest. I have only hacked on CA so down below i'll give my honest scores on each function that I have used. 

AIMBOT 10/10 - Easy to use as it provides many options for the aimbot to make you look legit.
STAMINA 10/10 - Works great with your speed gear.
PICK UP 10-10 - Perfect for quickly grabbing the enemies gun (after he dies) from a far distance if there's no guns around you.
ESP 10/10 - Works great as it comes with many esp options to choose from.
SUPERSPEED 5/10 - It's alright .. Even though you can control your players speed it would be BETTER if you could adjust your players speed to a LEGITIMATE speed percentage so that way other players would think you have some pretty good gear on.
FLY HACK 10/10 - It's smooth and easy to control your player unlike other flyhacks from other websites that makes you fly UP instead of allowing you to freely fly around.
INVISIBLE MODE 8/10 - Can't actually kill other players unless you nade them .. BUT it's still pretty cool to mess with, for example! You walk up to another player and randomly knife him/her (the player wont die) they'll then begin to start typing in saying there's hackers and shit like that and no one will ever know it's you because you're invisible.
TELE KILL 10/10 - do I really need to explain ? Haha. 
FAST WEAPON SWITCH 10/10 - Perfect funtion for when you're playing in Quarantine Regen in my opinion.

Well that somes up my scores!!

I would like to also say thankyou to all the staff members of this website for being so friendly and providing the BEST undetectable hacks. I hope each and every one of you have a great year in 2017. Heart
Great feedback!
Happy christmas night for you and all of members and staff!
Thank you for the awesome feed back, we appreciate it.

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There are 10 types of people in the world: those that understand binary and those that don't.
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Thanks for your feedback and we love you too
Thank you for choosing Virtual Evolution!

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Click for discord!
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Thanks for the feedback and i am glad you enjoy the hacks. Have a great 2017 Smile happy new year


LOL Tongue

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