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Let's talk about public hacks
We already support Combat Arms public hacks.

making public hacks is difficult.

Ninja, it is sooo easy!:
Dude, it means we have to keep up with ALL vip hacks AND the public hacks. If we make public hacks for Crossfire, that is 3 extra public hacks (NA,EU,ES)

That's way too much work to keep up...
We have 6 hacks to work with and will have 8 hacks next week.
After the amount of time and effort on up keeping hacks, updating them, keeping them undetected, doing technical support, I STILL get bitched at for:
[Image: Yjp5TCu.png]
This is not the only one. I have so many pms, so many messages, so many "Can I have VIP trial?"
Elitepvpers became a place where people expect to get free hacks but end up finding hacks that are for vips only. If I keep getting this sort of thing JUST because we don't have public hacks for YOUR game that YOU want to play, I might as well just make all our public hacks offline. Remember that public hacks is up to the coders, if they do not want to support public hacks, they wont. Do not bother them. Do not even dare to bitch at us about it either. Combat Arms public will stay online until further notice.

"I got banned with public hacks!"
Either you had fun telekilling or had fun rage hacking

"If CA public hacks detected, what will you do?"
Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Buy vip for undetected cheats. We will update the public hacks, but not for detections.

Our public hacks were never meant to be tested for detections. They are only meant to show off features (honestly we only left esp and blatant aimbot)

"I want aimbot"
There you go.

"I want better aimbot"
Buy vip for the full aimbot features.

"Public features are shitty"
It's meant to be that way. Buy vip for full features.

"Can I have vip trial?"
No, we have public.

"I do not want to spend money"
We don't want to spend money on our site too. Too bad we have to.

Please be appreciative. We are the only hack site with undetected CA and CF cheats. 
Virtual Evolution works hard on our services and our coder works that much harder on keeping our hacks updated and undetected.

It ticks us off when people complain about public hacks when we made them online after complaints on not having public hacks.

Combat Arms public will stay online until further notice.
We will not have Crossfire public hacks.
You want to cry? We have free tissues.


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