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Virtual Evolution Announcements: 3/09/2018
Chinese New Year Event has ended. Hope people who tried it out enjoyed having an opportunity for vip access.There will be another event planned out later this month.
(So far no one claimed the last prizes on the last drawing)

(In progress)
SKill Force 2 (Beta testing/waiting on @Fenix)
CS:GO(waiting on @Fenix)
(No ETA on release)

I would like to announce a new coder to our staff team @WaterSmoke . He will be maintaining the SF2 VIP cheats. No, he will not make a public of it. Welcome!

Combat Arms
Combat arms Transfers has ended. Therefore we are allowing people to trade in their accounts for vip. Depending how much the account is worth is how long you'll receive vip for it. If your account has been reviewed and it is 70$, you will receive 70$ worth of vip or 7 months vip.

New features will be added along with fixes towards several features that needed them such as Names ESP.

Crossfire EU
This will be set offline until further notice, but Fenix has said he will try again.

Crossfire NA/ES
will have new features



How our discord works is when a new member joins the server, he will see only THREE channels. This is NORMAL. Just ring one of the staff and after confirming that you're a vip member, you will be assigned a role that will allow you to access the rest of the discord. This is to prevent ex clan members/staff/spies from interfering as well as harass and call out our vip members. We may not be available 24/7 so just leave a message and pm me or the other staff on discord.


Our teamspeak server has returned!

Rules apply. I will be afk/ silenced on teamspeak. If you hop on and need assistance, just poke me or leave me a message.

Technical Support

Please do not use these methods for help:
-commenting on my videos
-emailing me
-Pming me on elitepvpers
-Pming me on the site (I get many and yours may get pushed out of view)
-Using the shoutbox(May get pushed down as more people talk on it)
-Using paypal's messaging(Our server detects it as a chargeback and it removes your vip, so I'll have to re-activated it.....Moreover I do not even check it everyday. I check it every week. It's not reliable)

We have these for the sole purpose of having the best assistance for our vip members as possible. Discord and Teamspeak are literally "Live support". We can also help on hand with the use of teamviewer.

Payment methods:
-Paysafecard (MUST message @Ninja66)
-Steam wallet codes are allowed
-Combat arms accounts

There is discussion on "Boosting" services for combat arms ranked*

The staff of Virtual Evolution thanks our members for supporting our cheats and services! We will always aim to provide the best undetected cheats for our beloved community~

[Image: oJgZ6uz.gif]
Click for discord!
[Image: sHRLwKQ.gif]
[Image: oJgZ6uz.gif]


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