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Review of VIP CANA

This hack is a great VIP Hack that you can use without getting banned. You won't be detected so far I've been playing on a CA Account named "WeakingLovel" for 2 days straight "Fly Hacking, Rapid Fire, No Recoil, ESPS" No ban!

 I am greatly suprised by this hack and hope its improved as we go on as a community. I love how it was made it's a simple menu design where you don't get lost. Yes some features need updates and maybe even add a couple new hacks but this is by the far best hacks I have used.

Aimbot: 8.9/10
Works like a charm and I don't want any better besides it doesn't look all that legit but to me I can play legit with it before getting called out. I love this hack!

Rapid Fire: 5/10
Has a error when using a knife you walk through walls but they can still kill your IDLE Body.

No Recoil : 10/10

No Spread 10/10 

All the other hacks are near perfect
Note: TeleKill is not currently working will review it once its working again.
About that rapid fire, your body would only stay their if ghost mode is enabled...
Muchas gracias por tu comentario, es un placer que te sientas a gusto con nuestro servicio.

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