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Solved VIP extaion
Hello i buy the VIP CA pakage at 27.01.2018 for 1 week and the hack was "Updateing" when he back the calssic CA my vip was end i didint play for 1 time even. 
can i get my 1 week VIP packeg. Smile
You're in the wrong section, There are steps that you need to follow to get your VIP extended..... 

Visit: http://www.virtualevolution.net/forumdisplay.php?fid=77 , Follow the steps required and you will get your activation.
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thank you i open thaerd over there
Hello Fellow Virtual Evolution Member,

This Problem has Now been Solved and We will Now be Closing this Thread.

If you have any Further problems Please Contact a Member of our Moderation Team.
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