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Virtual Evolution Announcements: 8/16/17 (Very Important. Please read)
It's been a while since our last official announcement on our site. Many events has happened causing many of the staff including myself to be much more busy than usual. Now that much of that has been resolved and re-organized, we continue what we've always try to do.
Let's start with everyone's drama.



Fuck Cerci

One of the Dragons will die


While the Moderator positions are full. I am currently looking to hire one Crossfire EU moderator. Three Spammers/Advertisers for Combat Arms , Crossfire NA/ ES/ EU.
If you can think you can handle the job: http://www.virtualevolution.net/forumdisplay.php?fid=41 Make a thread there. Remember, failure to follow directions/orders will result in a revoke of your privileges of using hacks. As a staff, you will work for your access for hacks.


Combat Arms VIP:
Ever since Combat Arms: Reloaded took over, many issues between the game , the server, and the hacks took place. The game is more optimized (ok some people crash without hacks ingame). The bans were caused by certain features of the hack, therefore they were removed and will be reworked and readded back after several testings with them. The wait took weeks.
Basically, hacks work now. CA VIP currently contains Aimbot and ESP only atm, but is undetected. We will go through other features later. One at a time guys.

Fuck Godmode. Shut up.


CA public is obviously detected and it's none of our concerns at this time.


CA private vip will be worked on later after CA vip is done.


IF you crash ingame:
- If you are windows 10, Download this dll file and put it here: C:\Nexon\Library\combatarms\appdata     or wherever you install your CA (NOT THE NEXON LAUNCHER)
-Make sure you have this downloaded:DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer
-If you have windows 7, hacks currently do not work for windows 7. Either wait or upgrade to windows 10: Link to upgrade to windows 10
-If else, make a support thread or come on our teamspeak/discord. Discord is preferred.


Crossfire NA

Online.....undetected....I don't know lol... It's fine. People are happy with it. Crossfire NA VIPs, thanks for being with us. Keep enjoying our hacks. If you have any suggestions for us to add or a bug to fix please make a thread here: http://www.virtualevolution.net/forumdisplay.php?fid=37


Crossfire ES

Same as NA, If you have any suggestions for us to add or a bug to fix please make a thread here: http://www.virtualevolution.net/forumdisplay.php?fid=37


Crossfire EU

It's been updated for weeks by @Fenix . Successfully reworked and optimized as he has done so for both Crossfire NA and ES. Those that have previously bitched about waiting on CF EU, may have their extensions revoked if continued. Ya'll got extensions, be thankful for it. We all know that your bitching won't make anything faster.

Bitching at science and God's work won't make anything happen the way you want. Let time roll itself.

so shut up

CF EU is update and undetected. CF EU testers loved the reworks. CF EU vips will as well.


Discord and Teamspeak:
Every troll on teamspeak and discord will be banned permanently. If you paid for vip and decided to fuck around on our servers, thank you for your donation. This includes: Advertising, shouting on the mic for no reason, using a voice changer because you are gay or fucking transgender or a weeaboo.......or both, Using a megaphone on your mic, choking on a dick on your mic, chocking on a banana on your mic, committing suicide on your mic, Not using english after repeatedly told to type, screaming on a mic, being a replay unless you're singing Replay by Iyaz, throwing ddos threats, crying on teamspeak, shouting that I hack in overwatch, bitching about the public video  that was made earlier, begging me for free vip hacks, begging me for free trial, the list is too long but use your damn common sense.
Alll staff with ban powers have my permission to ban off any kids/trolls.


This process was removed before due to many abuses to the system. After reworking the cost, we decided to being it back for fun. It's also an alternative to buy vip as well as access to sell accounts / services on our site.
VE points will be returning.

You can buy subscriptions and other items on our shop. Currently, the shop is incomplete. I hope that this will be utilized for the benefits of both staff, vip , and users alike.


Events will be held in the future currently there are no staff that are able to host them this week.


Thanks for being patient. We will always provide the best undetected cheats for the community.

[Image: oJgZ6uz.gif]
Click for discord!
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[Image: oJgZ6uz.gif]


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