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What to use on Combat Arms
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These are what i suggest for VIPs & Staffs to use on Combat Arms. This will make you look like a pro and not a hacker.

 [Image: pjLTEkS.png]

NOTE: You can remap the Aim Key to whatever suits you.


[Image: 9bJKRSK.png]

ESP BOX is so you can be aware when a GM is in your game.

With ESP Expolosives  you can see where these Noobs are placing Mines, very useful.

These are what i suggest, i really wouldn't recommend to use anything else if you don't want to be caught by a Nexon or by kids who actually use the Reporting system.

Have fun Smile
Check out Matriox's Important Posts http://www.virtualevolution.net/search.p...ds&uid=632

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