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idk what to pu there atm

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Help us out and give us a suggestion of a new hack for a new game!

(12-13-2017, 05:36 AM)NightBlue3 Wrote: I would love to see paladins Or Black Squad ^^ thumbs up

BS yeah paladins uhm xd
Saw 2 people commenting Warrock, and Warrock would be possible since there's a lot of information available about it. (Possibly one of the games that had a very big hacking issue similar to CA)
As for my opinion, would PUBG or Fortnite even be possible? Highly popular games rn.
[Image: MKEFX5Z.gif]
fortnite well be great but is 3rd person
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This thread is still open for suggestions.
-preferably free 2 play
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