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  • Author: Monkeyking
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idk what to pu there atm

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[Suggestion] Kicking

One of the only things I really would like added to the CA VIP hacks (Or CA Private hacks), haven't seen the private hacks yet, but do plan to get them in the next two weeks. Is a kicking hack, so that you can instantly kick people in the game. I've seen it on other menu's but never worked. Would be amazing if you guys could implement this and have it working to full use.
[Image: UsexNBA.jpg]
Only issue is that it causes client errors, but we focus on having undetected cheats. I'll ask Dias if we can do something about the anti-kick perhaps.
[Image: oJgZ6uz.gif]
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[Image: sHRLwKQ.gif]
[Image: oJgZ6uz.gif]

that is consider as blatant hack lol, no doubt it going to cause client errors in game. but yea it sound like a pretty fun feature to play with
[Image: cristiano-ronaldo-free-kick-goal.gif]

@Monkeyking that featuer was there 2-3years ago and it was working on a VIP which I know who created it but I don't think that it can back again as it will put VIP members accounts on a big risk.
Anti-Kick would be awesome as well, yeah, I have multiple accounts lol, I'd just use it on one I don't mind getting banned Tongue.
[Image: UsexNBA.jpg]
(03-12-2017, 10:01 PM)Monkeyking Wrote: Anti-Kick would be awesome as well, yeah, I have multiple accounts lol, I'd just use it on one I don't mind getting banned Tongue.

Anti kick is awesome but I don't think that is possible no more
[Image: cristiano-ronaldo-free-kick-goal.gif]

Pretty sure it is patched. Wouldn't be worth trying to add anti kick

I wouldn't want any anti kick on my hack because that make it very obviously and most people hack on their main so it be very easy to get ban and tell that you are hacking

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