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Service / Personal sales announcements
This mainly effects those that has selling their services on our site. The staff, coders, and certain vips have gotten together and thought up a way. All people that has been selling services on our site will have to be interviewed and then decided upon whether to be a "future staff" or not or something. (This part is still discussed)

Those selling will have 75% of profits they earn off our site. 25% will be shared towards our site. The numbers are the same as if we pay our coders. For example, if @Strength was selling boosting services on Overwatch and earns 100$ total. She would need to pay us 25$ and keeps 75$. If this isn't followed up on, the services and personal sales will be terminated.

The people affected by this would be:

Each of you will receive a pm. @BenKKServices , I would like to have a discussion with you later. @Crazy: also when I get back.

Beta CA are still not lined up to be released yet*

Thank you for your patience.
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Interesting idea ninja..

how about 20% for V.E, 70% to seller, and 5% for me.. jk jk
Very good idea

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