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Combat Arms global VIP closet hacking review
I've been using Global VIP hack for CA for a few days now and I really like them but to be honest it can be improved. Here's my review:

Aimbot: 8/10 - This is not the best aimbot I've used but it's still really good for closet hacking you must be carefull on how you set it up.

ESP: 10/10 - Nothing to say, they works really well and they to their job.

Safety: Actually 10/10 - I've not been trough a ban wave but untill now I had no problem with crashes/temp ban or other stuff, and the hack is always updated. I'll update this after the next ban wave.

Staff: A deserved 10/10 - This site has the most friendly and available staff member I've seen for vip hacking community. I've seen them help everyone in every way possible and as fast as they can.

Overall: 9.5/10 - The hack is really good and staffers are listening to the suggestions people are making to improve even more.

As the subject says I've only used this hack on "closet hacking" mode, so I can't tell you anything about speedhack, fly hack, invisible mode or others, I've never turned those features on.
Thank you for the review, we appreciate it.
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Awww thanks so much for the feedback bud, and yes our aimbot need a little more work on
ahahahha Big Grin

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