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Virtual Evolution Announcements: 1/27/17
[Image: h8a1qLk.png]

full details here:

Combat Arms VIP:
Still 100% undetected
Nexon recently had a big update, and caused issues with our ca hacks; however no one got banned. If you did get banned at the time, just relog. Your account is still ok. We already updated our hacks and loader days ago. Every vip member was supposed to redownload the loader if not already.
Anyways, no one got hurt. No one got banned. Combat Arms will have added features since we finished with our Crossfire hacks updates/upgrades.
Combat Arms Private:
Still 100% undetected
Unaffected by the Nexon update.
Will have added features as the other ca vip.
Combat Arms Public:
Updated but untested.
Not 100% undetected since we didn't test it thoroughly.

Crossfire NA/EU/ES VIP:
Still 100% undetected
Updated features so they will work in the new gamemodes. If there are any more bugs/issues, please make a thread here:
Features will also be added here, but they will aim towards the features we already have. Most of the rage features you guys want will cause client errors.

Dirty Bomb VIP:
Pushed back due to @Fenix
Those members that wanted to beta test them will  have 1 month free DB VIP hacks.

Minecraft Server:
We will pick up where we left off and work on it lol


Discord Server:

Same rules from the forum applies there.

[Image: oJgZ6uz.gif]
Click for discord!
[Image: sHRLwKQ.gif]
[Image: oJgZ6uz.gif]

WOW this is so Amazing +10 Bookmarked Shared on 15 different social medias #Hype Heart#VE
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Virtual Evolution Announcements: 1/27/1700